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Ikhwan Kim*, Sukjoo Hong*, Injung Lee*, Jihoon Kim**, and Jean Charles Bazin*


*Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Graduate School of Culture Technology


** TH Koln - University of Applied Sciences

Culture Sciences (02)

Data of digital games through

the virtual landscape classification system

Without any data about the characteristic of published digital games, designers had limits to have an overall sight of the market. Therefore, until now the quality of a developing digital game has been deeply depended on a few senior designers. 


One of the main reason to cause the absence of a large scale data about digital games is that it has been understood as a challenge to build a reliable methodology and system to classify the various characteristics within a digital game such as activity within the game, scale of the players within the game and the style of the game. 


Based on the Ikhwan's classification system, we could verify the characteristic of digital games based on the characteristic of the virtual landscape within. We built a database with 7407 cases of digital games till 2017  (6582 cases from STEAM, 255 cases from Microsoft, 511 cases from SONY, and 55 cases from Nintendo).


The database contains information of release date, platform, and the serial result of five classifications of each digital games. You can download the data from the link below and the material is available for public and academic purposes only. 

Please contact for any additional information.


(ongoing project) Proxemics comparison: virtual vs physical spaces

Survey data

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